Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines for Children


Updated on: May 12, 2020

Became effective on: May 12, 2020

Thank you for choosing Tencent game provided by Tencent (hereafter referred to as “we” or “us”. In the Guidelines, Tencent specifically refers to Tencent Game and its service provider - Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. registered at the location of Floor 35, Tencent Building, Ke Ji Zhong 1 Road, Maling Community, Yuehai Sub-district, Nanshan District, Shenzhen; the contact information regarding personal information protection is: dataprivacy-kids@tencent.com)! In addition to “Tencent Privacy Policy”, “Tencent Game License and Service Agreement” and “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines”, through this Tencent Privacy Protection Guidelines for Children (“Children’s Guidelines”), we will further help you and your child (“child” or “Children” shall refer to minors under 14 years old in the Children’s Guidelines) understand how we collect, use, store and share your child’s personal information, as well as the relevant rights you and your child are entitled to.

[Important Note]:

The Children’s Guidelines shall be applied to the processing of personal information of minors under 14 years old. As for you and users above 14 years old, please refer to “Tencent Privacy Policy” and “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines” for more information. We will explain to you the collection of children’s personal information through prompts, interaction processes, website announcements and other ways and obtain your consent. Please carefully read and fully understand “Tencent Privacy Policy”, “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines” and the Children’s Guidelines, before choosing to agree the afore-mentioned privacy policies.

1. Children’s Personal Information We Collect

While your child is using Tencent Game Service, Tencent game will only collect your child’s information upon your consent or by you and your child’s voluntary provision, in order to provide and optimize our services to your child and to ensure your child’s account in safe security. For the details of your child’s personal information we might collect, please refer to “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines”.

Also, in order to verify your custody relationship with your child, we might collect your contact information (including phone number, email address) and other information to help us judge the existence of custody relationship. At present, aside from collecting game research information from third-party research organizations to help us upgrade our game products and provide personalized services, we do not take the initiative to obtain your child’s personal information from any third party outside of Tencent Group. In the future, if Tencent needs to obtain your child’s personal information indirectly from a third party outside of Tencent Group, we will strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations and require the said third party to guarantee the legality of the information it provides.

2. How We Use Children’s Personal Information

We will strictly obey the laws, regulations and the agreement with our users, and we will make use of the collected information in accordance with the Children's Guidelines, "Tencent Game License and Service Agreement", "Tencent Privacy Policy" and “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines” so as to provide your child with better service.

Please refer to “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines” for more details about how we use children’s personal information. If we use your child’s personal information beyond the scope, or a direct or reasonably relevant scope, of the purpose we claimed when collecting that information, we will inform you once again and seek your express consent before using your child’s personal information.

3. Storage of Children’s Personal Information

3.1 In accordance with laws and regulations, we will store your child’s personal information collected from China within the territory and strictly keep that information confidential. If we need to transmit personal information collected within China to overseas institutions for the sake of cross-border business, we will protect your child’s personal information pursuant to domestic laws, administrative regulations and competent authorities’ specifications.

3.2 In general, we will only store your child’s information for a necessary period for achieving the purpose of providing our services or as required by laws and regulations. After the period specified by laws or competent authorities has expired, we will delete or anonymize your child's personal information in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations.

4. Security of Children’s Personal Information

4.1 In order to ensure the safety of your child’s personal information, we will take reasonable and necessary measures under the current level of technology to protect children’s information, and adopt measures of physical protection, security technology, management systems and so forth to reduce the risk of information loss, improper usage, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration, including but not limited to, encrypted data transmission, firewalls and encrypted storage, physical access control, and information access authorization control. For this purpose, we have set up security procedures to protect your child's information from being stolen via unauthorized access. All personal information is encrypted and stored , and placed in an internal system strictly protected by the firewall.

4.2 We have established special management regulations, procedures and organizations to safeguard the security of your child’s personal information. For example, we will strictly limit the scope of people that are authorized to access the information, requiring them to comply with confidential obligations and conducting audits.

4.3 If any security incident such as the leak of children’s personal information occurs, we will initiate the emergency plan to prevent it from expanding and inform you the basic situation of the security incident, the treatment measures and remedies we will take or have taken as well as our advices for you via announcements, push notifications or emails, etc. in a timely manner. If it is difficult to inform every user, we will issue the warning through public announcements and other methods.

5. Rectification of Children’s Personal Information

If you and your child find there is any mistake regarding the child’s personal information, you may contact us for rectification.

6. Deletion of Children’s Personal Information

6.1 If you and your child find we process children’s personal information against the requirements of laws, administrative regulations or our agreement, or beyond the purpose scope or the necessary period, you may contact us to delete relevant personal information.

6.2 If you withdraw your consent, you may contact us and we will deal with it pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.

6.3 If you and your child take the initiative to cancel the Tencent game account and terminate the use of Tencent game, we will stop using relevant child's personal information, except as otherwise required by laws, regulations or competent authorities. If we plan to cease any operation of products or services, we will notify you in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.; in the meantime, we will stop using children's personal information in a timely manner and delete or anonymize the stored information.

7. Transfer and Delegation of Children’s Personal Information

Generally, we will not transfer to or delegate any third party to process children’s personal information. In the case where we have to do so, we will take compliance measures according to laws and regulations, including but not limited to conduct a security assessment on the third party.

8. Disclosure of Children’s Personal Information

Unless otherwise required by laws, administrative regulations or pursuant to our agreement, we will not disclose children’s personal information.

9. Amendments

We may amend the Guidelines as appropriate. When the provisions of the Guidelines have been amended, we will inform you of the amended Guidelines in a proper way at the time of version update. Please read the amended Guidelines or the content of it carefully. Your child’s continuous use of Tencent Game would be deemed as your approval for us to collect, deal with or use your child’s personal information in accordance with the updated Guidelines.

10. Others

“Tencent Privacy Policy” and “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines” are general privacy policies uniformly applied in Tencent Game. The contents specified therein, including but not limited to user rights and information security protection measures, etc., are all applicable to the users of Tencent Game. The Children’s Guidelines are privacy protection guidelines designed for children, which include special protection of children’s personal information. If there is any inconsistency or contradiction between the Children’s Guidelines and “Tencent Privacy Policy” or “Tencent Game Privacy Protection Guidelines”, the Children’s Guidelines shall prevail.

11. Contact Us

When you and your child have any questions to the Children’s Guidelines, or any relevant complaints, suggestions, or requests, please contact us via http://kf.qq.com/. You and your child can also send your questions to dataprivacy-kids@tencent.com or mail to the following address: Data and Privacy Center, Legal Department, Tencent Binhai Building, No. 33 Haitian 2 Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P. R. China Zip Code: 518054. We will review the issues involved as soon as possible, and handle them promptly after verifying your identity, and reply within a maximum of fifteen days or within the period prescribed by laws and regulations.